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Windows and French windows are the gateways for burglars. In 80 percent of all cases, gangs of thieves and individual perpetrators gain access to your home through windows and French windows, most frequently with the aid of a screwdriver. This way, simple standard windows and French windows can be broken open within seconds.

Points of attack for burglars in a single-family house

Points of attack for burglars in a single-family house

Points of attack for burglars in an apartment building

Points of attack for burglars in an apartment building

A security check from POS will point out the weak points. We are happy to advise you, create a customized security concept for you, and show you how you can protect your property.

We can also equip your windows and French windows with additional security technology if you wish.

Mushroom head lock and lockable handles

An internal safety fitting ensures that burglars cannot simply pry open your windows and French windows. This comprises the following security mechanisms:

To reach security class "RC 2" recommended by the police, window and French window handles must be lockable. We offer lockable window handles from Hoppe starting as low as € 34.99 (excluding installation). 

Anti-unscrewing devices

A visible anti-unscrewing device also ensures that windows and French windows that open inwards cannot be effortlessly pried open. The police recommends at least one anti-unscrewing device per running meter on the hinge side and one on the handle side. Casement windows and doors can also be effectively protected with anti-unscrewing devices. 

We work with quality brands such as Hoppe, Siegenia, Abus, and Burgwächter.

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