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Damages to windows and doors due to a burglary or even an attempted burglary require professional, integrated claims management. Only if the settlement is very swift and professional can desired results be achieved. The satisfaction of the insurance holder is just as much the focus of our activity in this regard as our customer, the insurance company itself. An effective settlement process and high satisfaction on the part of the insurance holder on the one hand and cost efficiency for the insurance company on the other are our guiding principles.

POS Service Group is one of the leading companies in Germany with its own network of permanent service technicians specializing in the Germany-wide appraisal, repair, restoration, and repair of plastic, wood, and aluminum doors and windows subject to burglary damage. As the long-time partner of insurance, industrial, and trade partners, POS guarantees a full service solution as a repair specialist for the repair and settlement of burglary damages.

We have a permanent staff of over 100 appraisers and specialist craftsmen in the vicinity of our customers throughout Germany as well as a state-of-the-art equipment in our company-owned vehicles that allows us to repair many damages right during the first visit. Many of the materials, tools, and techniques we use are unique and are being constantly further developed by our own development workshop in close coordination with our customers and suppliers to meet market requirements.

Growth of domestic burglaries in Germany

German Federal Minister of the Interior Dr. Thomas de Maiziere presented the most recent figures for residential burglaries in Germany at the Conference of the Ministers of the Interior in Berlin on 05/23/2016. The published police crime statistics for 2015 indicate a 9.9% increase in burglaries over 2014. The number of residential burglaries in Germany thereby amounted to 167,136 cases in 2015, with a registered overall loss of about € 440 million. Due to its high population density and its many congested urban areas, North Rhine-Westphalia takes a sad first place among the German states, with 62,362 registered residential burglaries. Cologne alone counted 5,121 cases. In terms of sheer number, Cologne was only exceeded by the cities Hamburg, with over 9,006 cases, and Berlin, with 11,815 reported residential burglaries in 2015.

Growth of domestic burglaries in Germany

70% of all damages can be repaired

In most cases, a costly replacement of windows and doors isn't necessary at all. For a repair is basically possible in 70% of all cases. We carry out the repair of many damages directly and conveniently on the premises of the claimant and use recognized repair methods and techniques. Our goal: To deliver a visually appealing result, to eliminate restrictions to security, durability, and tightness, and to ensure full functional and visual restoration.

Wherever necessary, affected damaged elements are thermoplastically restored in shape, partially finished, filled with special tools, ground, painted, and cleaned, to name a few procedures. Fittings are repaired and replaced as needed – even during the first visit – and can also be equipped to satisfy additional security requirements if needed or wanted. POS is there for you as a flexible partner!

Plastic windows and doors

Plastic elements are being used increasingly nowadays. In addition to a modern look, plastic also offers the major advantage that it affords a complete repair. Plastic has "memory" that allows it to initiate shape recovery processes by itself with the use of special temperatures.

A highly professional repair comprises multiple work steps: Usually, the spot to be repaired is cleaned extensively. "Pry marks," for example, which are the most frequent cause of damage to door and window elements after an attempted burglary, may be removed by special recovery processes. For this purpose, a special hot air gun is use to thermoplastically treat the deformations. After filling plastic holes, extensive grinding and polishing work is also necessary until the desired result is achieved.

Wooden windows and doors

Especially with the natural material wood, repair possibilities for burglary damages have proven successful. A complete replacement, which can often cost the time, nerves, and money of all involved, can be avoided through a skilled, professional repair.

Frequently, surrounding spots are first chipped off or milled out before the holes are mended completely using pieces of real wood. We apply special surface finishing techniques to completely correct color differences that are especially typical effects of the weather and long-term use in order to achieve an ideal result.

Aluminum windows and doors

Aluminum is a relatively soft, but resilient material. Thanks to these properties, a repair of burglary damages to aluminum window and door elements usually goes completely smoothly thanks to the use of special tools and certain handicraft technology that allow "cold straightening" and thus the simple correction of deformations. Similar to plastic and wooden elements, however, additional work steps are required to achieve the desired result.

Our job: Your satisfaction!

All activities POS carries out during the repair phase serve a single goal: to eliminate burglary damage as completely as possible, thereby preventing an even more elaborate and cost-intensive replacement, and to ensure the satisfaction of the claimant right on site without requiring a second visit and additional time and costs. POS prevents long waiting times – of up to 8 weeks – that often occur when exchanging windows and doors. Moreover, insured parties are spared the trouble of having their homes turned into a construction site. We are happy to be there for you as your partner!

Your advantages:

This way, POS guarantees an economical and yet professional burglary damage adjustment. We are the professionals who are there for you!

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