We won't take that sitting down

Car seats have to put up with a lot – and that every day. The high stresses and usage frequency leave their traces in the process:

  • Edge wear and damage after a few months 
  • Soiling and stains on seat and back upholstery 
  • Signs of wear on seats and backrests 
  • Tears and burst seams

Our solution:

We take care of: car seats, dashboards, roof liners, and side panels
We repair: fabric- and leather-covered car seats, signs of wear, soiling, and damage of all kinds
We provide: care and sealing of seats, mending of burn holes, scars, and cuts, sewing (seams etc.) and redyeing 

Did you know? - POS uses special edge protection for car seats!

To prevent color abrasion on leather seats in cars, POS uses special edge protection for car seats that specially seals the surface ofter processing / redyeing. Extensive tests have proven that this ensures greater protection from wear than is the case with the original covers.

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