Care products

Whether leather or fabric: Regular cleaning and care will allow your customers to enjoy their furniture longer.

For this reason, POS has a series of leather and fabric care products specially developed for furniture covers and on supply that guarantee high customer satisfaction and an adequate extension of the useful life.


Product information for upholstered furniture

Customer service doesn't end after a successful sale. The furniture experts and service technicians at POS Service group are always there on the spot when it comes to eliminating minor and major damages to upholstered furniture – inside and outside the warranty.

To draw your the attention of your customers to special issues related to care and use already during the purchasing process, POS offers an extensive product information collection with useful tips and information on topics like 

  • the different material types and their special characteristics,
  • maintenance of seating comfort, 
  • care for wood elements,
  • expert tips on care and cleaning,
  • the optimal indoor climate for upholstered furniture, and much more

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Upholstery Atlas

The Upholstery Atlas developed in cooperation with the board of experts of the Bundesverband des Deutschen Möbel-, Küchen- und Einrichtungsfachhandels im Bundesverband Wohnen und Büro e.V. (BVDM) and the Verband der deutschen Möbelindustrie e.V. (VDM) serves as a standard for the proper evaluation of complaints and has become an absolute bible for the industry through the years. The Upholstery Atlas illustrates the most frequent complaint cases and evaluates them professionally. This allows the faster recognition of unjustified complaints, cutting down on processing and personnel costs.

The work comprises over 100 of the most important complaint cases falling under the general category of upholstered furniture subdivided into the areas frame, spring system, upholstery, covers, furniture leather, odor, and cleaning. The POS Upholstery Atlas answers questions about the crease depth in covers, for example, or whether fork marks as a natural feature of leather covers can be a reason for a complaint. Another frequently controversial reason for complaints is changing the upholstery for use. The Atlas offers material assistance for decisions in this case. Precise evaluations were compiled for each individual case and standardized by a team of experts. 

The Upholstery Atlas has been highly important to experts as well as to furniture retail and industry for over 10 years and is regarded as a standard reference for the evaluation of complaints for upholstered furniture.

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Transport covers

Occasionally, the delivery or return of furniture without the original packaging can turn out to be a difficult matter. Especially when transported through constricted staircases, a frequent problem is that upholstered furniture becomes damaged or dirty. With standard packaging, changing one's grip and turning in narrow corridors is difficult, as the foil slips out of the hands or tears.

To prevent transport damage, POS developed special transport covers for upholstered furniture and mattresses. They consist of padded, dirt and water-repellent material and have special handles that allow moving personnel to change their grip comfortably and to carry the furniture securely, especially in narrow entrances, corridors, and staircases.

The POS transport cover can be used up to a weight of 100 kg and was specially developed for seating furniture. Your customers will be pleased with the neat appearance, which means more customer satisfaction for you.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • The transport cover already pays for itself after two prevented complaints!
  • Reduction of transport damage through padding
  • More comfortable, flexible and secure carrying in constricted corridors
  • Reduced transport times from the vehicle to the customer
  • Higher customer satisfaction through high-quality, clean packaging
  • Various sizes available
  • Significant reduction in costs with simultaneous image boost

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Air cushions

Sitting optimally again: with every upholstered suite, the upholstery can get soft at some point, regardless of the spring system (no-sag, tension belts or springwood slats).

Thanks to POS air cushion padding, upholstered suites no longer have to go soft. The air cushions are installed on site at the customer's residence by our service technician and the padding adjusted according to the customer's wishes. If the padding should become too soft or too hard in the course of time, the desired seating hardness can be easily custom-set by the customer – for optimal and long-lasting seating comfort.

The advantages of an air cushion padding at a glance:

  • Optimal, long-lasting seating comfort
  • Individually adjustable
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-efficient

You can order air cushions in the shop here.

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