Warehouse processing & incoming goods inspections

It is not uncommon for undesired serial defects to occur already during production. And these are all the more irksome if they are only first noticed after delivery to the end customer.

On request, we will appraise incoming deliveries for you centrally and conveniently directly on site at the ramp in the warehouse or at the container.

Full warehouses or an improper handling of the products may also result in slight or serious damages, rending a delivery to the end customer impossible. For this reason, you can book one of our service technicians whenever necessary in exceptional cases or for fixed days for processing in your warehouse.


Disassembly service

Often, the customer's furniture selection is one size too large for the staircase through which the new purchase has to be carried. However, your delivery team is already waiting in front of the residence of the customer and an accessible window or a balcony aren't in sight, either. A delivery cannot therefore be made immediately, and an elaborate and usually costly solution has to be found in the form of an inclined elevator or even a crane. The POS service technicians are happy to disassemble the furniture in coordination with you at the convenience of your warehouse. You can then deliver the furniture, and we will assemble the furniture directly on site according to the wishes of the customer.



To support your quality management, we offer an extensive statistics program. This allows you to analyze all cases processed by POS according to various criteria, to identify chronic causes of damage, and to implement sustainable improvements.

All the statistics can also be downloaded as PDF or Excel files.

And the best part: For you as our customer, this service is free of charge.

Statistics menu item
Simply select the desired statistics in the menu item "Statistics."

A  Percentage damage statistics
The percentage damage statistics show you the number of respective damages compared to all POS customers. From these statistics, you can also access the variable damage statistics. 

B  Percentage cause statistics
The percentage cause statistics show you the number of respective causes compared to all POS customers.

C  Variable cause statistics
The variable cause statistics allow you to analyze the complaints we process in detail. You can compile the statistics for your purposes and change the view within the damage tree as you require.

D  Model / damage statistics
These statistics show you an overview of all damages – relative to the model. As you wish, you can also create these statistics with an additional time period specification (e.g. for comparative purposes).

E  Complaint periods
These statistics analyze the number of orders according to the complaint periods.

In addition, there is a large number of other statistical analyses that we would be happy to perform for you on request.


POS for private customers – after the expiry of the warranty

Even after the expiry of the warranty, complaints about upholstered furniture are a frequent occurrence. For these cases, we are also happy to offer your customers our advice and support directly. Please simply give your customers the POS end customer flyer or refer them to our website. In case of interest, we will gladly prepare a non-binding cost estimate.


Stains Portal

The POS online portal for cleaning tips gives you the ideal tool for the professional consulting of your customers for all stain removal issues. 

The POS Stains Portal is available to you free of charge for integration into your website – with the integration of your corporate identity – and offers interested customers all information they need about stain removal.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • No costs and effort for the creation of your own stains portal
  • Additional, free service for your customers thanks to an extensive and competent source of cleaning and care tips
  • The page is visually adapted to your website
  • Few customer inquiries and thus a reduced workload for your service hotline and sales staff

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