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After more than a quarter of a century in complaints management and based on experiences from already over 7 million visits to end customers, we have learned quite a lot. Especially this:  Despite the greatest of efforts, complaints can never be excluded entirely, and they always result in additional administration and personnel costs.

To give your employees the best possible training, we offer one-day seminars and furniture retailer training courses. Apart from expertise, we also provide your employees with knowledge about how to prevent complaints and how to offer customers satisfying consultation.

We offer training courses the entire year throughout Germany, but are also happy to travel directly to your furniture retailer, company, or another location of your choice.

Here you can find our current one-day seminars:

Dates and regions for our seminars 2018

Münster15 May 2018
Göttingen13 June 2018
München3 July 2018
Nürnberg5 July 2018
Frankfurt31 July 2018
Saarbrücken2 August 2018
Offenburg4 September 2018
Stuttgart18 September 2018
Dresden9 October 2018


Furthermore, we offer special training sessions for issues related to different upholstery techniques and fabric and leather properties. We provide your employees a comprehensive knowledge of in-house and field work with the following key topics:

Furniture retailer training courses for interior consultants / customer consultants

Furniture retailer training courses for delivery personnel / customer service

Seminar - Textile covers for upholstered furniture

Seminar - Leather covers for upholstered furniture

If you are interested, we would be glad to help you book your seminar!

Training courses

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