Those who have their upholstery cleaned regularly enjoy their favorite sofa longer

We've all seen it before: The crumbs from a comfy night of television have slipped into the deepest recess of the sofa, the glass of red wine left an ugly outline on the armrest, the children put some new color on the couch, the cat sheds or the dog drools in its sleep. As the sofa set is our favorite functional furniture, it's impossible to keep away everyday signs of use. 

It's a good thing for POS professional upholstered furniture cleaning. Our mobile cleaning experts will go straight to your door and ensure that dirt, odors, and stains no longer have a chance on your upholstered furniture.

We come to you – throughout Germany, from Flensburg to Munich.

You clean your car once per week, but never your sofa? 

Now that can change. Our permanent staff of service technicians is on call for you throughout Germany and will clean your upholstered furniture. 

Depending on the dirt and your needs, we offer a partial cleaning by hand or clean the entire upholstered furniture set. And here's how we do it:

Based on the individual cover material, we foam the right cleaning agent on your upholstered furniture. Our professional cleaning devices convey the cleaning liquid deep into the fabric, loosen the dirt, and suck away the dirty water in a single process. The process can be repeated for heavy soiling. The total cleaning time for a 3-seater sofa does exceed 2 hours, for example. The upholstery must be allowed to dry about a half a day, and then your upholstered furniture is fresh and clean again.

Contact us and arrange for an appointment or send us your callback request and we will call you back promptly.

And if your favorite furniture is damaged, find out everything you need to know about upholstered furniture repair on your premises here.

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The advantages of a professional cleaning are obvious:

TIP: For first aid, and cleaning tips, and tricks for stains of all kinds, visit our Stains Portal.

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