At POS, dirt and stains don't have a chance – have your sofa cleaned by the professionals

"I never would have thought that the result would be so apparent when I had my sofa cleaned," says Markus Dostedter from Gelsenkirchen. Dirt can get caught deep in the fibers. It's there even if you can't see it, and it makes colors go gray. In households with smokers or pets, odors additionally attach themselves to the covers.

For cleanliness and hygiene reasons, to freshen up fabrics and covers, and to remove stains and stubborn odors, it is highly recommendable to have your couch or sofa cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Our specialists have the right cleaning agent and the right cleaning method for every surface material – leather, velour, microfiber, and much more.

And as far as stains go, there is almost nothing that our stain professional cannot fix. And that also goes for two of the most stubborn stains: chewing gum and blood stains.

You can find first aid online for stains 24 hours per day at our Stains Portal.

High-quality leather sofas need high-quality care

Leather is a natural product and is a popular material for sofas, couches, and other seating furniture. It boasts a timeless elegance and resilience. Different treatment and care is required depending on the type of leather:

Nappa leather types are especially soft. One distinguishes between untreated aniline leather and semi-aniline leather, which is slightly dyed with pigments.

Natural aniline leather is highly susceptible to dirt and grease stains, as well as to fading from sunlight exposure.

Thanks to its color coating, slightly pigmented semi-aniline leather is more resilient, but not nearly as tough as smooth leather, for example.

To make smooth leather more durable, more resistant to stains, and water-repellent, a coat of dye is applied to it, as well as a type of clear lacquer. This lacquer protects against abrasion and discoloration.

Additional information and care instructions for all leather types and materials are available at POS. Feel free to contact us. You can find the right cleaning agents and care products for all leather types and naturally for all textile covers in our Online Shop.



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Regular sofa cleaning – long-lasting enjoyment of your furniture.

Professional cleaning of your sofa directly at your home is effective, fast, and inexpensive. It can be used to remove not only dirt and stains, but also dust, hair, mites, bacteria, and bad odors. After only a few hours after the cleaning, you can relax on your sofa or couch again.

What you receive: 

Contact us. We are on the job for you all over Germany. 

It's as easy as that:

You call us: We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation in all issues related to sofa cleaning. We are also happy to call you back: Simply send us a callback request under Contact.

We will schedule an appointment to suit your wishes.

You relax, we clean. After a little while, your furniture is hygienically clean and ready to use again. 

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You can find tips and tricks for cleaning in our Stains Portal.



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