We will repair your sofa on the spot

The sofa forms the center of almost every living room and is therefore exposed to heavy strains. 

Especially parents can tell you a thing or two about how the seams reach their limits and the upholstery takes a beating when couches are misused as trampolines. But rescue is closer than you think: The service technicians of POS Service Group are specialized in repairing sofas and armchairs  – right at your home. They take care not only of any damage to the frame, joints, motors and spring, but also of burst seams, holes, tears, and burn holes in the cover or faded sofa backrests. 

This also applies for pureed carrots, nail polish or marker ink on the sofa. You can find out everything there is to know about cleaning sofas with us. For example, use our Stains Portal for first aid for stains of all kinds.

Our service range includes:
  • Upholstering
  • Cleaning
  • Repair
  • Spare parts installation
  • Spring core repair
  • Leather processing

From firm to loose-fit – 1. Help for upholstery

Regardless of whether it's a leather couch or a fabric sofa, there are two types of upholstery for sofas and three-piece suites: firm and loose-fit upholstery. With firm upholstery, you don't sink as deeply into the upholstery as with loose-fit upholstery. The cover is stretched out tightly over and connected to the upholstery. This prevents the formation of creases. However, with loose-fit upholstering, the cover tends more to move freely on the upholstery. As the sofa gets used more and more, the cover stretches out with both upholstery types, which means that it is impossible to prevent creases entirely.

TIP: Change your favorite spot on the sofa every now and then. This is good for the upholstery and ensures an equal distribution of creases. 

If the sofa spring has to be repaired, a special tool is required. In the course of its 35-year company history, POS has developed its own tools again and again and also had them patented: e.g. the Nosagspanner. This tool is required to lift the spring of your sofa and restore its seating comfort. 

Repair examples

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2-year warranty on the repair of your sofa.

2-year warranty

If a repair made by us should not be entirely sufficient, we are happy to correct the flaw immediately and, of course, free of charge. We provide a two-year warranty on all our services. 

To ensure you can also precisely track the services we render, each customer visit is extensively documented with a detailed report and a suitable number of photos. 

Our mission is your satisfaction – right at your home and right at the first visit. And we are successful in this in over 85% of all cases. Only when we have to rely on spare parts from manufacturers that cannot be determined and ordered in advance do we sometimes require a second appointment to visit your residence.

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